Releasing My Arrogance so I can ‘Keep It Real’ with My Buddhist Practice

By Kevin D’Arcy As a new Nichiren Buddhist, my biggest fear is that I lose this natural connection I feel toward my practice and treat chanting to the Gohonzon like a spiritual slot machine.  I enjoy chanting and I enjoy recognizing I am not a slave to my devilish functions. I have the power to choose to be happy in the midst of living with life’s challenges. A little while ago, I had a wonderful conversation with the wise and humorous Rollin Binzer.  I was rambling on about how annoyed I am with a good friend who pushes my buttons. Read more

Making ‘May Appreciation’ A Part of My Buddhist Practice

By Kevin D’Arcy As a “baby Buddhist,” I continue to be hungry for knowledge.  There is so much to read; so much to learn. The reality, however, has set in. This is a life-long journey so I’m challenging myself to “slow my roll” while at the same time “diving into the deep end” and participating as fully as possible whenever possible so I keep my practice a priority so calling myself a Buddhist is not just an empty title I give myself. Now, I am wrestling with my understanding of what exactly May Contribution is and what it means forRead more

Building My Buddhist Library

by Kevin D’Arcy As a new Nichiren Buddhist, I have been hungry to learn as much as I can as soon as I can! I will admit, as soon as my Gohonzon was enshrined in my living room and my new  “Buddhist family members” left my apartment, I raced around the SF Valley hitting every bookstore I could find in search of anything referencing Nichiren Buddhism. I was amazed at just how many different forms of Buddhism are out there. In the end, I decided to rely on the bookstore located in the SFV Buddhist Center. For one thing, customerRead more

Seeking Inspiration

By Kevin D’Arcy I am writing this to create a place on this website where those of us just starting out on our journey through Nichiren Buddhism and SGI can share stories of how the principles of The Lotus Sutra, The Writings of Nichiren Daishonin, and the numerous lectures of Daisaku Ikeda are taking shape in our daily lives. I will be writing from my own experience as a new Nichiren Buddhist trying to make sense of material that is foreign to my brain’s normal pattern of thinking but material that holds the potential of transforming my life for theRead more